April 17, 2011

Peder Monsted (1859-1941)

I am so charmed by the art of this artist and yesterday have found a collection of his paintings online. Some of them I like most I post here.

 The Danish landscape painter Peder Mork Monsted was famous for the clarity of light general to the painters of the 'golden age' of Danish painting, his pictures of beautiful naturalistic scenery made him the leading Danish landscapist of his age.
Monsted was born in eastern Denmark but later moved to Copenhagen, where he studied at the Academy in 1875-76.

The painter traveled extensively, frequently visiting Italy, North Africa and Switzerland.
Monsted had been painting the Danish landscape and coastline throughout all his long career with a remarkable eye for detail and color.

for more beautiful works read lili's post


  1. Peder Mørk Mønsted's art was wonderful...and so very Danish :O) Beautiful post!

  2. I've never run across Monsted before, and I like him very much. His art has a very palpable sharpness that somehow seems fitting for a man from Jutland.